Performance of Airscoop ventilation terminals

Extensive research over some 10 years at Silsoe Research Institute, the University of Manchester, and the University of Birmingham, including sponsorship of an 4-year EngD, has yielded unique data and information on the performance of Airscoops, including, importantly the effect of their positioning on a building. The work also led to the development of the unique fluted outlet port which significantly enhances the performance of Airscoops. A paper in collaboration with University of Birmingham, University of Manchester and University of Bath has been prepared which presents some of the findings:

SHEA, A.D.; ROBERTSON, A.P.; LEVERMORE, G.J; RIDEOUT, N.M. The performance of a wind-driven ventilation terminal. Submitted, Proc. Instn Civil Engineers, Structures and Buildings, Wind Engineering Special Issue, 2009 The research enables efficient Airscoops to be designed, their flow-resistance and rain-rejection properties to be known accurately and hence reliable designs to be undertaken.