Light output and transmission performance

Extensive research over 5 years in collaboration with Silsoe Research Institute has provided unique data on the performance of solar transfer units. The effect of all components and parameters have been investigated systematically: pipe reflectance, pipe diameter, pipe length, pipe cross-sectional shape, pipe bends, diffusers, domes, and light and sun deflector. System efficiencies under diffuse light, direct light and combined diffuse/direct light have been studied and quantified, enabling efficient Sunscoops to be designed and reliable predictions of system performance to be prescribed according to ambient light conditions. A paper has been prepared for publication which presents some of the findings from some 650 hours of monitoring under natural light conditions, supplemented by laboratory measurments:

ROBERTSON, A.P.; HEDGES, R.C.; RIDEOUT, N.M. Optimisation and design of ducted daylight systems. Lighting Research & Technology, 2010 42 (2) 161-181.